Ross Kirk Music

"A Live Radio 2"

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything Ross can think of! If the question isn't here, please contact him via the "Contact Ross" page.

How long will Ross play for?
The first two sets are usually 45 minutes to an hour each, with a short break in the middle for a breather. Then usually 20 - 30 minutes at the end.

How long does he need to set up?
He has a 1200 Watt PA system which he can usually have set up in 30 minutes, if the area has been cleared for him first.

Does he need a lot of room?
No, not really. Ross and his PA desk take up only about a space 6ft by 6ft, but his two stereo speakers will need approximately 3sq ft each to the left and right of him. This, of course, is not needed if Ross is playing completely acoustic, but such an event is only effective if the performace area is very small, and indoors, otherwise the sound is lost.

Can he play for us outside?
Yes, no problem! His sound system is powerful and can cope with most outdoor venues, but it is most important that shelter is provided for him as his equipment is not waterproof! Please Note: It is most important that some sort of cover (gazebo or similar) is provided, even if the weather is sunny when Ross starts as otherwise it is a huge risk for Ross to take with his equipment, which would take approximatey 30 minutes to pack up if there was a downpour.

Is he covered for any accidents?
He's never had any (touch wood!), but Ross is a fully paid up member of the Musicians' Union and as such he is covered for up to £1,000,000 on public liability insurance.

Can he play our favourite song
If it's pretty mainstream he'll probably know it, otherwise he'll try to learn it if you tell him in advance (see "Play List")

Can we ask him to play an extra set on the night if the party is able to carry on?
Yes, but depending on the length of the night he may ask for a little extra. Ross can also provide recorded music from his large music selection at the end of the night should people wish to dance into the wee small hours (again this may cost a little more).

So how much does he cost?
This one really is "how long is a piece of string?". It depends on the type of venue, travelling distance involved and how long you wish the performance to last. He is very competetive and is realistic with prices. He will also consider a decent reduction for venues that wish to make a block booking.

Contact Ross on 07950 848697 or email